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24 August 2023

How to organize a baby shower: 10 games to play to make it unforgettable

Baby showers are wonderful opportunities to make future mums and dads feel the affection of relatives and friends. Organizing them is not difficult, you just need to follow some tips...
23 August 2023

Montessori toys for 1-year-olds

Do you have a baby who is just one year old and would you like to find him some toys that are both educational and fun? Take inspiration from Montessori Children's Houses. You'll find many Montessori toys for 1-year-olds that…
autostima nei bambiniBlog
6 March 2023

How to increase self-esteem in children: tips and ideas to boosting it from the first months

Self-esteem is the perception we all have of ourselves. It is the value and trust we place in our abilities. As you know better than me, there is a lot of talk about self-esteem as a value to be pursued,…
29 November 2022

Cherieswood turns 1-year old: what I’ve learned on wooden toys, e-commerce and products for toddlers

We just turned 1 year old and I want to tell you a bit more about what happened in the last 12 months and what I've learned building Cherieswood!
8 August 2022

What’s the right age for the baby gym and play mat

This is definitely one of the most common questions we receive at Cherieswood! let's give an answer to the right age to start using the baby gym and play mat.
19 July 2022

Building Cherieswood into a unique wooden toy brand – 3rd and final part

The last part of our mini-series to show you how we are building Cherieswood! As we continue to work on sales and marketing, we also spend time iterating on existing and new products.
15 July 2022

Montessori busy board: what it’s for, sensory activities and buying guide

In today's article we talk about the Montessory Busy Board, often simply called busy board or sensorial board. It's a famous wooden toy that is designed to let your baby learn new things while playing with objects positioned on a…
8 July 2022

How babies learn and how to stimulate their development

At Cherieswood we deal with babies and learning. Yes, we do that building wooden toys, but we spend a lot of time thinking how we can make them useful to improve babies cognitive and motor skills. Understand how babies discover…
6 July 2022

Montessori wooden toys: autonomy and learnings for your baby

At the very beginning of my journey with Cherieswood I've spent quite a bit of time reading and learning about the Montessori's philosophy. I've quickly discovered how big this movement has become and how difficult it is at times to…
5 July 2022

Building Cherieswood into a unique wooden toy brand – Part 2

Last week I started a new blog series to tell you a bit more about my story with Cherieswood and what have been the biggest challenges in building a new wooden toy brand! Part 1 is dedicated to the early…
1 July 2022

Baby gym charms are now available for purchase

All our baby gym charms are finally available for purchase even without a baby gym. Discover all our series and learn why a series of charms can become a fantastic gift!
30 June 2022

Baby gym: the definitive guide

In this article I will cover something that I have been studying for the last 2 years: the baby gym for newborns. We all know this is one of the most common gifts for a newborn but at the same…
27 June 2022

Building Cherieswood into a unique wooden toy brand – part 1

At the end of October 2021, or about nine months ago, I was finally pushing "live" on this website and the Cherieswood adventure was about to start. Today we put aside new products, suggestions and other articles and I will…
Space Busy Board CherieswoodBlog
24 June 2022

Busy Board: new colours and series now available

A few months ago we launched a new product called Busy board. We designed it to be very unique and different from what's currently available in the market where most products of this type are made of plastic and shiny…
15 June 2022

Baby gym: wood vs plastic and why it matters for your gift

As you can imagine before starting Cherieswood and while experimenting on our first prototypes, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching what makes a baby gym better than the others current available in the market. I started my research…
Palestrina per neonato CherieswoodBlog
2 June 2022

Newborn gift: Cherieswood bundles with baby gym, mat and busy board

Choosing a baby gift is less complex than you can imagine and with this article we want to show you the Cherieswood bundles designed especially for those who are looking for a quality gift that comes certainly appreciated by parents…
19 May 2022

12 original gift ideas for new parents (not baby related)

This blog post is for you! It's for everyone that doesn't know what to gift now that your best friend or sibling just had a baby. I know the feeling, you are looking for something that will bring them joy…
9 May 2022

20 Outdoor activities for your kids!

Your little one is super energetic and you would love to spend some time together outside to enjoy good weather...but the question is, what are some great outdoor activities for a little kid? In this article I've listed for you…
25 April 2022

7 DIY ideas for sensory play activities to have fun with your kids

With sensory play activities we refer to everything that encourages your children to play with materials that stimulate their senses. Letting your kids play in one of these activities will benefit them in terms of brain stimulation, development of fine motor…
20 April 2022

7 original gift ideas for new parents

Your best friend is expecting a baby and you started thinking about a gift? Let me give you some ideas! These suggestions are perfect for the first child but you can use some of them also for the second one.…
4 April 2022

How to choose and what to consider to find the best Baby Gym

You want to buy a baby gym for your newborn but are you questioning yourself what should you look for in a baby gym? I imagine you fell overwhelmed by thousand of information, confused or unable to decide because, even…
28 March 2022

Cherieswood introduces free shipping for the US and Canada for orders of $100 or more!

Just a few months back we were sending our first order to our first American customer! Since then we doubled down on our strategy to bring to the US the first series of wooden toys that are 100% made in…
24 March 2022

The 5 W’s of a Busy Board

Busy board, sensory board, activity board or even Montessori board: on internet you can find the same group of objects under these different names. In this article we are going to clarify what these type of boards are and why…
4 March 2022

Sensory play: what it is for and why it’s important for your baby

What is sensory play? Grasping an object, exploring it, feeling its texture, roughness, warmth, scent and, why not, maybe even taste it. With the term sensory play, we refer to all activities that encourage children to explore materials that stimulate…
17 February 2022

The advantages of black and white for newborns’ vision

In this article we are going through all the benefits of high contrast colors, and in particular black and white, for the visual development of your newborn in their first months of life. If you get to the end of…
4 February 2022

Montessori inspired learning activities: 0-12 months

In the last article we have learned a bit more about the Montessori method and I gave you an initial overview of how you can apply it at home. Today we are going a step further and learning about Montessori…
2 February 2022

Montessori method: what it is and how to start using it at home

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician that became famous in the 1900 century for her studies on children’s education. The Montessori method became a famous approach to education that prioritizes environmental interactions and freedom while approaching different learning activities. What's…
26 January 2022

How to choose the right toy for the right age

I am sure you found yourself many times wondering what to buy for a child's birthday and wondering if what you are looking at will be the right toy for her age. "She is 6-month old right now, will this…
24 January 2022

Gift idea for a newborn baby? A wooden Baby Gym!

Your best friend just had a baby and you are looking for a gift to bring when visiting the newborn? Your sister wanted to wait to know the gender of the baby until the very last and you would like…
17 January 2022

Why wooden toys are the best choice for your baby

If you are reading this it's likely that you feel overwhelmed by so many different types of toys, and colors and forms and you don't know what could be the right decision for your baby! I hear you. The toy…
11 January 2022

Games to play with a baby from 6 to 12 months

Just a few days back we talked about games to play with babies that are in between 0 and 6 months, today we are going a step further and see how these games change when your baby enters his 6…
5 January 2022

Games to play with a baby from 0 to 6 months

Games and activities you can play with your 0 to 6 months baby to know each other, develop baby's skills and have fun together In their first months, newborns need to interact and play with you. You get to know…
3 January 2022

Tummy time: what is it, benefits and exercise for your baby

Tummy time is the first type of exercise your baby will do. Laying babies on their stomach for brief periods will bring benefits in terms of strengthen their neck, shoulder muscles and develop motor skills before they to crawl. In…
27 December 2021

How to manage children’s tantrums using the Montessori method

As babies turn 2 years olds, they become more independent and start pushing their limits. This is due to the cause-effect logic: your baby is constantly trying to understand your reaction to his actions and he will adapt his actions…
21 December 2021

Ideas to spend New Year’s Eve with your kids

Tips to organise the new year's eve celebration with your newborns and kids Christmas is just round the corner and everything is ready: you have completed to set up your house with decoration, organised new traditions or maybe you're looking…
17 December 2021

How to find the perfect Christmas baby gift

Christmas is coming and you are still looking for a baby gift? I know the feeling, there are many options and finding the right gift takes time. Now, if you don't have kids yet, this could be even more…
10 December 2021

Christmas Eve Box: everything you need to know to prepare the perfect one!

Christmas Eve Box is a new tradition designed for your family to have fun while waiting for Santa all together! What is a Christmas Eve Box? A Christmas Eve box is a box of goodies you give to your loved…
17 November 2021

5 Montessori activities with Christmas flavor: 3-12 month

5 Montessori activities proposed in a Christmas-like flavor to have fun with your 3-12 months babies In my last article I went through how to make your baby's first Christmas unique, if you didn't have a chance yet, I highly…
8 November 2021

How to make your baby’s first Christmas unique!

Ideas to create amazing memories for the first Christmas of your baby, from house decoration to family activities! Christmas is about spending time with the people you love! If this year there is a new member in your family you…
28 October 2021

The 5 Ws of a Baby Gym

Why a baby gym is important for your baby's development and other important information 🙂 In this article we are going to learn something more about baby gyms. In particular, what are the main benefits of a baby gym for…
25 October 2021

Welcome to Cherieswood: baby gyms, toy boxes and more!

A new Italian brand specialized on wooden products for your baby. Here I will tell you more about me and how we got started! Hi everyone! my name is Elisa and I am the founder of Cherieswood! I've been working…