Cherieswood Clown Drop


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Clown drow… and bee and butterfly!

2+ years 


The Clown Drop is a  musical toy perfect for your children!

Cherieswood’s version includes not only the little man but also a cute bee and a butterfly.

How does it work? Simply place one of the three elements at the top of the cascade, and watch it descend downwards with a swaying motion. Each touched step creates a wonderful sound!

What are the benefits for your baby?

In addition to being relaxing, this toy supports the development of hand-eye coordination, auditory skills, fine motor skills, and the understanding of cause and effect.

100% handmade in Italy!

technical specifics


  • Beech wood
  • Wax
  • Plastic free

58×13 cm

inside the box

  • Wooden board
  • 3 elements: little man, butterfly, bee
  • Cherieswood Envelope with a dedicated message (customizable at checkout)

shipping info

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