Wooden toys designed for long and fun baby activities

Baby gym and baby play mat

A premium baby gym made of wood with 6+ series of charms for fun activities. It comes with an optional baby play mat to make it the perfect gift for newborns. 100% made in Italy with high quality materials and certified for toddlers.

Montessori Busy Board

Designed to encourage your baby’s sensory play and exploration with a funny and simple solution, the Cherieswood’s busy board has 3 different series and it’s the perfect gift if you are looking for something unique. It can easily become a bookshelf to collect all the other toys as well!

Cross-stitch toy box

A toy box that you can fully personalize with your toddler’s name to make it the perfect gift. Collect all your toys, memories and more using a beautiful toy box. You can choose between the Giraffe version and the Teddy Bear.

why cherieswood?

Our mission is to build toys that inspire your babies to learn and discover the world. The objects, moments, and words you say to your baby influence them every day, and we want to be part of this process with objects that you can use to let him learn new animals, new words, and make every moment a fun one for both of you!

the montessori educational philosophy

Montessori is the perfect expression of our desire to focus on making kids learn and discover the world with an independent approach. We followed the Montessori philosophy when designing all our products, so here we will explain a bit more about this educational method and how our products adopt it.

goodnight stories

At Cherieswood we think about every detail that could make our product really different. There is always a story behind every charm we propose to you. That’s the goodnight story section! Great stories that you can read to your babies to inspire them…and make them fall asleep!

cherie’s blog

29 November 2022

Cherieswood turns 1-year old: what I’ve learned on wooden toys, e-commerce and products for toddlers

We just turned 1 year old and I want to tell you a bit more about what happened in the last 12 months and what I've learned building Cherieswood!
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8 August 2022

What’s the right age for the baby gym and play mat

This is definitely one of the most common questions we receive at Cherieswood! let's give an answer to the right age to start using the baby gym and play mat.
19 July 2022

Building Cherieswood into a unique wooden toy brand – 3rd and final part

The last part of our mini-series to show you how we are building Cherieswood! As we continue to work on sales and marketing, we also spend time iterating on existing and new products.