gift an italian handmade toy

baby gym
choose among 8 different series and all the options for a full personalisation
0-12 m

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busy board
to encourage baby’s sensory play and exploration with a funny and simple toy
6-36 m

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wooden toy
old-fashioned wooden toys, setting every child’s imagination to run wild
6+ m

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savannah pocket
practical and portable, always ready to stimulate child’s imagination
18+ m

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why cherieswood?

Our mission is to build toys that inspire your babies to learn and discover the world. The objects, moments, and words you say to your baby influence them every day, and we want to be part of this process with objects that you can use to let him learn new animals, new words, and make every moment a fun one for both of you!

goodnight stories

At Cherieswood we think about every detail that could make our product really different. There is always a story behind every charm we propose to you. That’s the goodnight story section! Great stories that you can read to your babies to inspire them…and make them fall asleep!

cherie’s blog

24 August 2023

How to organize a baby shower: 10 games to play to make it unforgettable

Baby showers are wonderful opportunities to make future mums and dads feel the affection of relatives and friends. Organizing them is not difficult, you just need to follow some tips...
23 August 2023

Montessori toys for 1-year-olds

Do you have a baby who is just one year old and would you like to find him some toys that are both educational and fun? Take inspiration from Montessori Children's Houses. You'll find many Montessori toys for 1-year-olds that…
autostima nei bambiniBlog
6 March 2023

How to increase self-esteem in children: tips and ideas to boosting it from the first months

Self-esteem is the perception we all have of ourselves. It is the value and trust we place in our abilities. As you know better than me, there is a lot of talk about self-esteem as a value to be pursued,…