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Hello, Cherieswood friends! How are you? I hope you’re doing well!

Today, I’d like to revisit a topic that seems to have piqued your interest. I’m talking about baby shower. I’ve previously explained what a baby shower is, when it’s typically held, and who usually organizes it.

But, how can we organize it in the best way to create an unforgettable day? Let’s see. together. I’ll also suggest you some exciting games making everything funnier.

Are you ready? Grab pen and paper and jot down my suggestions. These ideas will provide ti the future parents and the guests, and also to the baby, a special moments of relax. A baby can perceive and participate in their mother’s emotions even while in the womb, do you know that?

How to organize a baby shower?

For those who don’t want to go back and read the previous article, let me briefly summarize what a baby shower is. It’s a party organized to share this important moment in the lives of the future mother and father. Typically, it’s planned by friends or relatives of the couple, aiming to provide support and affection to the pregnant woman.

Like any other party, a baby shower needs meticulous planning to be successful. The person taking on the responsibility has two options. The first one is to enlist the help of a party planner who will handle everything to meet the client’s expectations. The second option is to roll up your sleeves and invest time in planning. While this latter option may be more challenging, it’s the best choice and bring more satisfaction. Only those who know the guests inside out can create a tailored event that suits them perfectly. And that’s precisely what you aim for, isn’t it?

How to plan a baby shower

Every party requires a thorough planning to make it perfect, and baby showers are no exception.

To start off on the right foot, the first thing to do is set a date. Check the preferences of the future parents and try to coordinate with the guests’ schedules. Send out invitations in advance. In this way all the guests can mark their calendars. Since baby showers are usually organized around the eighth month of pregnancy, make sure to send out the invitations before the seventh month of gestation.

Select a suitable location. For the comfort of the future mother, it’s a good idea to host the event at home, whether at the parents’ home, a close relative’s, or even a friend’s. If it isn’t possible, because of space constraints or other reasons, you can always consider renting a party room.

Menu choice is also crucial. Ensure that the pregnant woman doesn’t have any dietary restrictions or specific requirements. Given the increasing prevalence of food intolerances, it’s a good idea to include vegan, vegetarian, and lactose- and gluten-free options in the buffet.

When organizing a baby shower, you should also consider the theme of the party and contemplate gift ideas for the event. You can either purchase or create special decorations and craft small keepsakes that guests can take home as a memento.

When thinking about the games for your guests, choose games that are not physically demanding, especially if you want the future mother to participate. Her growing belly may limit her mobility. Above all, it’s important not to exhaust her during this delicate period.

I would like to emphasize the importance of not overloading the schedule with activities. Leave time for conversation, advice, and emotional support. This is  what a woman needs when she’s about to welcome her baby into the world.

How to organize a baby shower: game ideas

Before we explore some game examples for a baby shower, here are some tips. First: don’t be too rigid following the program; be flexible. If the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxed, and everyone is comfortable, don’t break the moment with games. It’s better to introduce games if the party need a sprint.

Baby shower

When planning games, try to align them with the theme of the baby shower. It is important, also, keep in mind the available space, ensure you have all you need for the games on hand. You can even involve your guests by asking them to contribute bringing the items needed, as baby bottles or diapers. Essential items include paper, pens, and some dolls. Since baby showers celebrate the arrival of a baby, make children the focal point.

Games to play while seated at baby shower:

There are many enjoyable games that you can play while seated at a baby shower. These are particularly suitable for the pregnant mothers, especially those who prefer to participate

The game of forbidden words

This is a simple game that doesn’t require any materials. In this game, someone pose questions to the guests; they have to respond without using the word “baby” and its synonyms. This means terms like “newborn,” “child,” “infant,” and all related diminutives. It can be quite challenging to answer questions about babies without using these words.

More clever are the guest to make questions and answers, more funny the game becomes. Participants get eliminated when they make a mistake. The last person standing is declared the winner. You can decide on a prize for the winner.

Who am I?

The “Who Am I?” game is very funny but requires the cooperation of all the guests. You should ask guests to bring a childhood photo of themselves to the baby shower. Collect the photos and place them in a pile. When the game start, distribute the photos among the guests. In turns, each person must show the photo they are holding and guess who the child in the picture is.

To enhance the fun of the games, consider involving the person whose photo is represented, allowing them to mislead others. The guest who successfully guesses the most times wins.

Another variant is to use childhood photos of famous people. It might be particularly interesting, especially for gossip lovers.

Names, things, toys, and songs

Everybody know the game “Name, Thing, City”. For the baby shower, you should replace the traditional categories with children-themed ones like “Items for the child” or “Toys“. You can also introduce other categories such as “Children’s Music” or “Famous Children.”

Guess the circumference of the belly

Another classic game you can propose is “Guess the Circumference of the Belly.” As not to make the pregnant woman uncomfortable, measure her belly first with a length of wool, cut and retain it.

Baby shower

Then, give to each guest a ball of wool and ask them to estimate the length needed to encircle the baby bump.

This game can be surprisingly entertaining. I once attended a baby shower where a guest correctly guessed the circumference by measuring a belly similar to hers.

Games on the go for an exciting baby shower

For a future mother who prefer to watch rather than participate in games, you can propose entertaining activities that will keep the atmosphere cheerful. These games require minimal props and enthusiastic participants.

Marathon of Mothers at the Baby Shower

This game involves three willing participants, three dolls with strollers, diapers, bodysuits, and ample space.

Participants must wear a fake baby bump, for example created using cushions and a belt. Once the game starts, they must diaper the doll, dress it, place it in the stroller, and navigate an obstacle course without letting the doll fall. Each time the doll tumbles from the stroller, they must restart the journey. The first to cross the finish line wins and gets to decide a fun penalty for the other two participants.

Give the baby a pacifier

In this game, guests can be divided into three or four teams, depending on the number of guests and the available space. One team will be led by the future mother, another by the father, and the rest by two other participants of your choice. You’ll need as many pacifiers as there are teams.

Arrange four chairs in different parts of the room. A representative from each team must sit on each chair while blindfolded. He or she will play the role of the baby. Then, select one “mom” for each team, also blindfolded and armed with a pacifier.

The referee randomly give a place in the room to the mothers. When the game begins, the teams will provide instructions to guide the mothers to reach their respective babies. The first team to successfully give the pacifier on their baby wins, while the team that finishes last pay a penalty.

Baby Shower and the “Watch Out for the Bottle” game:

This game may have a naughty twist, but it’s sure to entertain everyone, except for the unlucky ones!

Once again, divide the guests into two or more teams. Fill about ten baby bottles with edible liquids and arrange them on a table. Guests shouldn’t know what’s in them. You can add a hint of spice or something unusual, but be cautious not to go overboard. You don’t want the party turning into a bathroom trips. right?

When the game begins, participants from each team will select five bottles of their choice. They must taste the contents and try to guess what they are. They can stop drinking once they identify the contents or finish the baby bottle.

The first person to correctly identify the contents of the bottles or most of them, wins. It’ll be amusing to witness the expressions on the tasters’ faces when they drink something very weird.

You can also play a similar game with baby food or other foods stored in jars, but remember, moderation is key. Don’t go overboard with unusual ingredients!

Souvenir games for an unforgettable baby shower

Among the games to consider for your baby shower, don’t forget to include some souvenir games. These ones allow guests to convey words of affection and heartfelt messages to the parents and the soon-to-arrive child.

Baby shower

Here are some options.

Customize baby bodysuits

Provide white baby bodysuits and all the materials needed for writing or drawing on them. Baby shower guests can personalize these bodysuits with words or drawings meant for the upcoming baby. While the mother might never actually put the customized bodysuits on the baby, she’ll certainly treasure them as keepsakes to show the child as they grow up.

Writing on diapers

Instead of bodysuits, guests can draw and write on diapers. If your guests are particularly creative, you can even ask them to craft diapers from scratch, using materials like paper towels or taped toilet paper. In this way, you’ll have the opportunity to unleash artistic creativity in both the construction of the diaper and its decoration during the baby shower.

The message album

What you need is just a blank album. Invite guests to make predictions about the baby’s birth date and, if it’s not yet known, their gender. Guests can write their predictions in the album and add some congratulatory messages for the unborn child. The future parents can keep this album as a cherished memento and revisit it whenever they want. It can provide comfort and encouragement during both the small and large challenges of parenthood.

A truly special baby shower

I hope this article has answered all your questions. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to ask; Cherieswood is always here to help.😊

Remember that the ideas I’ve proposed are just a starting point for organizing a baby shower. You are the ones who can truly make it special, because you know the preferences of the parents and guests.

To conclude the evening beautifully, if the parents are willing, you can also reveal the baby’s gender if it’s still a secret. A delightful way to do this is by creating a kind of piñata filled with pink confetti for a girl or light blue for a boy.

Lastly, please be mindful not to prolong the celebrations for too long. As soon as you notice signs of tiredness in the mother, it’s important to end the party. Always respect the timing and needs of a pregnant woman.


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