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Ideas to create amazing memories for the first Christmas of your baby, from house decoration to family activities!

Christmas is about spending time with the people you love! If this year there is a new member in your family you know he will likely not have memories in the future of his first Christmas with you… but creating a family tradition is the best way to start celebrating Christmas together every year and create more memories!

If you are a Christmas lover like me, you will likely work on house’s decorations as soon as Halloween ends. I know you are busy (who is not?!) and especially as new parents you guys will struggle to find time for everything, but there are a few tricks to prepare for your Christmas and that’s what I am talking about in today’s article.

In fact, now that I am thinking about all these ideas I want to share with you, I am feeling really excited!

Let’s start! 

The basics: let’s prepare your house for Christmas

Unique Christmas tree decorations

I know, you have been collecting pictures and small objects of your baby for months: ultrasound scan, funny faces pictures, pacifiers or clay handprint/footprint. Well, why not use all of them as tree decorations to make it very unique to your family!You can look for clear balls or hanging photo frames or, if you want to create them yourself you can simply plastify your photos and create a little hole for hanging them on the tree.

You can also use an instant camera to capture moments of your holidays and directly attach them to the tree to enhance the decoration! Imagine the Christmas days spent with your family looking at all the beautiful months you already spent together with your new baby!

Decorate the baby’s nursery

You fear your baby will mess with the tree while you are not looking? No decorations then, ok, I hear you, you are breaking my “Christmas-holic” heart but I have a good alternative for you.

Prepare dedicated decorations in your baby’s room that are out of his reach! 

Organize a little Christmas space on a sideboard with a tiny tree and a snow globe with music, hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling and there you go, a beautiful way to create some magic! 

And of course, I cannot suggest thinking about our cute Cross Stitched Toy Boxes (contact us for a full personalization) or consider one of our baby gyms!

Spend time together while creating new family traditions!

Build a memories advent calendar

It’s too early for your newborn to use a traditional advent calendar but you can create a personal one to remember what you did on very special days and build it with your baby! 

How does it work?

Write down on little piece of paper all the activities you planned to do with your baby during this holiday period. Here are a few ideas of things you can do and put in the calendar to become great memories:

  1. Attend a tree lightning ceremony
  2. Meet Santa somewhere in the city for the first time …and make great pictures of this!
  3. Visit the local Christmas market
  4. keep track of your baby’s height
  5. well…many other important things that have happened since the start of December!

Here you can find a comprensive list of activities. Last but not least, I suggest you to take notes of everything on an agenda, and of course, remember to enrich it with photos, washi tape and stickers!

Read Christmas stories

After you set up your nursery for Christmas, why don’t you create a Christmas-themed bedtime storybook selection?

You can look for a classic like Twas the night before Christmas or you can involve a big sister or brother creating an ad-hoc story for the baby!

Create family gift

DIY holiday card for friends and family

A funny theme picture with you and your baby like the all family in an elf costume? A baby holiday’s photo shoot?
Otherwise you can go for something handmade such as transforming your baby’s footprint into a Christmas tree, reindeer or mistletoe?

You need cardstock paper, colored markers (green, red, gold), water-base paint and tons of creativity. Then, it’s very easy to do: you have to paint your child’s foot and stamp it on the paper (two times for the tree with the heel as junction at the top), once it’s dry, draw the details and write a nice message!

That’s a good way to create special holiday cards 100% made by you and your family!

Family coordinated sweater

If your parents were too shy to do it when you were a kid, this time they have no excuses! 

Do you have that Christmas ugly sweater in mind? Organize coordinated ones for the whole family to wear during Christmas lunch and take a lot of pictures to crystallize that moment that maybe (and I hope not) will not happen again in the future!

Collect memories

A great box of memories

Now you have a lot of pictures, holiday cards, gadgets and books, notes for Santa and baby’s outfit. It’s time to put them in a safe place! Cherieswood Christmas toy box is made for this!

It’s a keepsake for all these memories! It’s the box you can use to store everything until your baby is ready to revisit those memories together with you!

Hope you liked all these ideas! Let me know in the comment below if you have others suggestions to make special your baby’s first Christmas holiday!

Ciao, Elisa

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