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Your little one is super energetic and you would love to spend some time together outside to enjoy good weather…but the question is, what are some great outdoor activities for a little kid?

In this article I’ve listed for you engaging and fun outdoor activities: sensory play, fine and gross motor development, discovery or building social relationship with other kids. While today we tend to let our kids play with iPads, watching TV and using smartphone, the reality is that there are many parents that are super excited about the idea of spending an afternoon in the woods and I hope this articles gives you the right hints to put a date in the calendar today!

Are you ready to discover all of them? Let’s start!

1 – Picking wildflowers and leaves

This is super easy, imagine you find a garden full of yellow flowers, poppies and pansies. Why don’t engaging your little one to create a bouquet of wildflowers?

If there are different types of trees you can pick leaves and pine cones, help your kid to discover the different textures and scent of nature.

You can reuse them for other sensory plays like the mystery bag or dry everything in a flower press and then create a little glossary of nature.

2 – Wreath of daisies

This is even more fun and it’s about looking for daisies to create a wreath. I know I’ve evoked some memories right there as I am sure you have played this before! You just need to make a small incision with your thumbnail at the base of the stem of a daisy and insert another daisy into the slot. Repeat the process until you obtain the desired length and then close the wreath, insert the stem of the last daisy into the slot near the end of the first one.

3 – Flying a kite

With different shapes, dimensions and patterns, flying a kite is a very magic experience for windy days. Maybe your little one is too young to play alone but with your help you can enjoy of these experience together and she will definitely fall in love with its magic!

4 – Sand and water table

This one is great for toddlers as it’s focused on sense exploration. You can fill the boxes with sand, dried rice or water and add wild animals, toy trucks or boats and leave your baby free to play with imagination without worrying of cleaning the floor.

Maybe you already have a sensory table otherwise you can use a bowl.

5 – Draw with sidewalk chalk

Once you have sidewalk chalk, your toddler can write anywhere: a concrete paths in the park, a driveway or a sidewalk. This activity is very easy to do and keep kids busy and engaged.

You can also draw the hopscotch pattern, show how it works and introduce your baby to this evergreen game!

6 – Play with a ball

Using a small and soft ball you can play throw and catch with hands or kick the ball to each other. If you like soccer, you can also delimitate a space, for example between two trees, and let your kids kick the ball among them. This is of course a true classic and something super easy to really get your kid engaged.

7 – Go to the playground

If you live in a big city visiting the countryside might not be that easy and the playground is always a great alternative. Push your babies on the swing or watch them go down the slide! This is also a great way to let your baby interact with other kids and build social relationships!

8 – Visit a farm

Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O, and on his farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O…

How does the cow? and the donkey? and the pig? A visit to a farm is the perfect experience to meet animals and see them in the real life! Imagine your baby feeding horses and petting rabbits! it will be fun, promise!

9 – Blow and catch bubbles

You can buy the traditional colored tube, make them homemade or use a bubble machine, it doesn’t matter how because catching bubbles is something that every kids loves to do!

10 – Ride a steering wheel toy

It can be a tricycle or a little scooter, the market is full of options. After months of clashing with every furniture in your house, let your babies play in the fresh air with a cool vehicle!

11 – Picnic lunch

The best way to take full advantage of these sunny days is to organize a picnic with the whole family or with your friends. Find a nice place where children can run and play while you enjoy the moment with people you love!

12 – Red light, Green light

Red light, Green light is a game for pre-scolar kids. I am sure you don’t need any explanation on how it works but what I would suggest is an easier (and not competitive) version where toddlers have to stop and go when you call out red or green light. It’s super fun and it will definitely develop their attention.

13 – Hide and seek

Another evergreen game and the natural evolution of the peek a boo game. Around 3 year old is when children start to fully ‘get’ the game and understand the basic rules, so don’t miss the opportunity to play with your toddler in your garden or backyard!

14 – Plant seeds

Need help with gardening? Your 3-year old kid can help you with planting seeds and much more! She will enjoy to stay open-air and in contact with nature. Fun aside, this is also a great way to introduce her to plants and nature and maybe nurture a future passion!

15 – Make mud cake

I am not talking about the eatable one! Give your kids some bowls and then let them put their hands in the ground and start composing a mud cake!

16 – Rolling down a hill

How can you try the feeling of being completely free? Find a raised part of land with lots of leaves where he can roll without getting hurt!

17 – Jumping in puddles

Dress up properly with clothes that can be soiled and rain boots, then have a walk around your block and let your toddler having fun while jumping from a puddles to the other. This is an excellent sensory play: babies will learn how it feels to be stuck in mud and soggy for the water and they will also improve their sense of balance.

18 – Jumping on the waves

Are you planning a trip to the sea? or are you quite lucky and you live by the sea? Think about how excited your baby will be to play with water and waves. Let him try the experience of jumping any time a wave comes on the beach, fun and laugh are guaranteed!

19 – Scavenger hunts

This is a funny game you can organise with your kids and their friends, and why not right before the picnic we mentioned above?

What do you need? You just need to pick different objects or toys and hide them in the surrounding area of your place. Then give to the kids the list with pictures or drawings of objects and let the fun begin. A note: it’s very recommended to make them easy to find!

20 – Obstacle courses

This is another game you can organize with your toddler but also with more kids. Mats, chairs, boxes, hula hoops or whatever you find close to you or in the nature: organise everything in a way it is possible to jump, crawl or circle around. You can suggest a path, let your kid to play freely or see if wants to challenge you to try the game yourself.

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