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Games and activities you can play with your 0 to 6 months baby to know each other, develop baby’s skills and have fun together

In their first months, newborns need to interact and play with you. You get to know each other and she starts to discover herself and the world around her. You may ask yourself what type of games are suited for this age so in this article i’m going to explain some easy activities you can do with your little one.

Tummy time play

At this stage of life it’s important for babies to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles.

This is a set of exercises you can do from day 0 and it will benefit not only the baby development but it will also strengthen your relationship.

We have seen this activity in a previous article, I highly recommend it to review tummy’s benefits in detail and understand all the exercises.

Silly faces

Super duper easy! You just have to be in front of your baby face to face and smile, raise an eyebrow or stick out your tongue! Your baby will study your face and the different facial expressions. With time she will try to copy you, of course.

Some 3 week-old babies can sometimes imitate when you stick out your tongue for example!

If, after a while, you are out of expressions, don’t worry! Start again from the beginning! For babies, repetition is the basis of learning!

Rolling around

Around the forth or fifth month, babies start to roll and and move from one side to the other.

You can play with your baby while supporting her with movements, gently helping the baby to change position and moving on a side.

Keep in mind you should talk to her! Gently words, nursery rhymes or little songs, like singing: “rolling here, rolling there, where is going this little bear?”

Take it and leave it!

Around the third and fourth month, babies start to take objects.

You will see how she will start to take your hair, eyeglasses or necklaces. At this stage babies have to exercise closing and opening their hands.

To develop this motor skill just leave objects in a place where she can easily lean out to take them

Move the object around her so she can change position while exercising both hands.

You can also do this activity when the baby is lying down on a mat or on the bed putting an object over her head.

Last but not least, have a look at our baby gyms! They are designed to help babies exercising these skills!

Fly Fly Fly

Photo by M.T ElGassier

That’s a funny game for babies! You lift your baby up among your arms in horizontal position. In this way babies can see the world around them and with a different view: from the top of your head!

Like we said before, even in this case your voice will be a precious add on to the experience!

The good thing is that even if you are not a professional singer you can show off your singing skills without embarrassment! If you do not have ideas of what to sing to your baby, Fly Fly Fly the butterfly is pretty simple and easy to learn!

Activity mat – homemade version

You can find online different play activity mat.

In this paragraph, instead, I want to explain you how you can create your own activity mat (if you have the time and patience for it!).

What you need:

  • Blanket
  • Ribbon
  • 2 Wooden rings (like teething rings or napkin holder or curtain rings)
  • Jar lid
  • Rattle
  • Tea spoon
  • Other objects that make sound (at your wish)
  • Drill or hot glue

How to build it:

  1. Make a little hole in the jar lid with a drill. If you do not have a drill you can glue the center of the ribbon.

2. Repeat point 1 with tea spoon.

3. Leaving some free ribbon at the two ends, thread all the objects with the ribbon. Create a little node for each object in order to secure them individually.

4. Create 2 little holes in the blanket, at 7-8 inches apart.

5. Thread the two ribbon ends into the holes and tie them on the opposite side of the blanket.

Moving the blanket, your baby will be enchanted by the sound of the different objects.

Are you interested in more games and activities? Check this article on games for 6-12 months old babies!

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