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One night, swinging in the rocking chair in the garden, Mum was trying to make Kay fall asleep. She wasn’t sure what would make him stop grumbling this time but then she said, “Look at the sky. Those little lights are stars! I can still remember the day that I visited them. Honey, do you know that your mum traveled to space?”

Little Kay suddenly stopped to mumble and looked at Mum with a curious face. She thought that this might be something to help him finally fall asleep, so she started to tell him the story. 

“Once upon a time, when I was your age, I met a friend whose name was Greeny. Greeny was much more adventurous than me. He was always traveling in a spacecraft, flying across the universe from a Far Far Away Planet.”

“After every long journey, Greeny used to visit me on Earth, drink some milk, and eat Grandma’s famous chocolate cookies while telling me different stories of far away places and galaxies.”

“One day I told him, “Your stories are amazing! I want to see the moon and the stars and everything around us! I want to come to the Far Far Away Planet! Take me with you!”

“Greeny was so happy to hear that and said, ‘That would be great, but the spaceship has only one seat. If you want to travel to space, you need a rocket of your own!’”

“‘A rocket?’ I asked. ‘I’ll build it!’”

After a few days, I took a big box from the garage, a bowl, and some aluminium sheets from the kitchen, and I built a rocket just a little bit taller than me. I colored it with a bright orange paint and finally it was ready.”

“Kay, sweet Honey, you cannot imagine how excited I was about my Rocket!” Mum said.

“I jumped once, nothing. I jumped twice. The third time, I jumped as high as possible and… I made it! The rocket was flying and I was going to space!”

“I recognized all the constellations that Greeny taught me, such as the Polar Star. I was standing, looking at the Moon right in front of me, but I wanted to get closer so I started to move my arms up and down.”

“Greeny arrived with his super shiny spacecraft. He started to move his arms and greeted me from the big glass dome. My heart was pumping so fast, and I moved my arms up and down one more time.  The big Far Far Away Planet was there and I was so close to it! It looked like a big balloon with a green ring all around, and there I was landing just in the middle of it. I was admiring the beauty of space staring at the stars and all the other planets. It was one of the biggest adventures of all time!”

Smiling, Mum looked at little Kay asleep. He was dreaming about his new green friend in space.

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