the montessori educational philosophy

Our North Star design principle
for all our products

Montessori is the perfect expression of our desire to focus on making kids learn and discover the world with an independent approach. We followed the Montessori philosophy when designing all our products, so here we will explain a bit more about this educational method and how our products adopt it.

the montessori philosophy

Let your kids explore
the world around them

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician that became famous in the 1900 century for her studies on children’s education. The Montessori method became a famous approach to education that prioritizes environmental interactions and freedom when approaching different learning activities. In recent decades, many schools and educators have adopted the Montessori education model, particularly in the US and Europe.

The main principle of the Montessori method is freedom in a controlled environment: children should be able to play and discover new materials without any specific time-constrained activities or preimposed directions. Montessori observed how children were more keen to learn and get inspired by interacting with objects without any constraints and learning while playing with them. Montessori toys are designed to inspire learning and experimentation, so wooden toys are usually preferable than plastic ones. A wooden toy can help your children play in a more natural way, assembling and disassembling it while feeling all the warmth that you can usually find in a well-designed wooden toy.

how we apply
the montessori method

We embrace the idea of freedom and discovery at the foundation of Montessori methods: all our toys are primarily made of wood, and we started with one of the most famous toys of this philosophy, the Baby Gym. It has all the concepts that made this method so famous because it inspires infants to discover new things step by step, with a specific focus. Cherieswood Baby Gym will help newborns familiarize themselves with new things while learning their names, shapes and textures. Our Baby Gyms are designed to be safe and durable. Their simple and solid structure ensures that there are no dangerous components and that children can play and explore them without limits.

Montessori discovered early in her studies how children between 1 and 4 years develop a strong sense of order. Children in this age range crave consistency from their environment and in their daily schedules. In the Montessori environment, we cater to this sensory period at all times. This is why we have created our Toy Box, a solution that our little ones can use to create order in their room while they play while also learning how to use the box to store their own belongings. Our boxes come with full personalization, so they can have their names and/or preferred animals or figures.

We are constantly studying and designing new solutions based on the Montessori philosophy, and we enjoy learning from our customers the best ways to inspire learning for their little ones.