Space Series Charms


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Soft felt toy for your baby’s pleasure!

EU toys safety regulation (CE mark) & US CPSC Compliant

This series comes as a set of 4 different charms: 1) Rocket 2) Moon 3) Greeny 4) A Far Far Away Planet. Like all our charms, this is entirely handmade and if you are curious, you can read more about our material selection and building process here.

This series is designed for space lovers! It doesn’t matter if your kid will become an astronaut or not, our Space series is for those parents that love space and want to share their great passion with their babies. Your baby will be stimulated by the different colors and shapes of charms, and looking at them from the bottom will be like observing a starry night!

Our charms are designed to be fun to look at with gentle lines that will make your kid (and parents!) smile in each playing session!

Astronauts, stars, planets, how many stories can be told about everything surrounding the magic of the universe?
At Cherieswood, we had so much fun creating this series and all the possible tales that can be inspired.

Space series is the perfect gift for the ones who think that the sky is the limit and want to encourage their kids to dream big! And If you are buying it for your future little one, well, we understand! The Space series makes us dream as well! 🙂

the goodnight story behind our space series

One night, swinging in the rocking chair in the garden, Mum was trying to make Kay fall asleep. She wasn’t sure what would make him stop grumbling this time but then she said, “Look at the sky. Those little lights are stars! I can still remember the day that I visited them. Honey, do you know that your mum traveled to space?”

technical specifics

All our charms are compliant with EU toys safety regulation (CE mark) & US CPSC

Each Charm comes with a wooden ring included


  • EN-71 Certified felt
  • 100% recyclable shipping package
  • Plastic Free

inside the box

  • Space series – 4 Charms
  • Cherieswood envelope with a dedicated message
    (customizable at checkout)

Shipping info

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