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Little Giraffe, protect my toys!

This is not a simple toy box. This is your baby’s personal cross-stitch fortress of memories!


Cherieswood toy box is an elegant pine wood case for multiple use cases. But, what makes this box really unique? We mixed the ancient embroidery cross-stitch technique with modern drawing to provide you an incomparable and personalised decoration!

What give you more energy than an elegant Giraffe?

We love animals and we would not able to resist the temptation to cross-stitch a tender giraffe on our special toy boxes!

It’s the perfect fortress for your baby’s toys, she/he will quickly learn how to put all of them in order using the box and it will become a practical way to transport all of them wherever you go!

Cross-stitches toy boxes are so nice and well decorated that they fit any room from a nursery to a children’s room where toys can be substituted by books, diaries and other secrets.

Time will make your toy box even more of a precious fortress! When your kids will be grown up they will love to go back to their box to rediscover all their childhood memories.

Cherieswood’s toy boxes will follow your babies in all stages of their life!

technical specifics


  • Pine wood box
  • Cotton treads (OEKO-TEX)
  • Water based color
  • Plastic free


inside the box

  • Wooden toy box
  • Cherieswood Envelope with a dedicated message (customizable at checkout)

shipping info

We ship worldwide from Italy using several international shipping services including DHL, UPS and TNT. Send us a request with your order for express shipping. Go to our dedicated page for more details.