Toy Box cherieswood: Edizione Natalizia!



L’Orsetto sulla slitta di Babbo Natale!

Questa è la scatola dei ricordi “Primo Natale” che stai cercando!


Cherieswood Toy Box is an elegant pine wood case for multiple use cases. What makes this box really unique? We mixed the ancient embroidery cross-stitch technique with modern drawing to provide you with an incomparable and personalised decoration!

That’s the special edition for Christmas, a little bit smaller than usual to keep only what is very important to remember about the baby’s first christmas! 🙂

The box comes with the cross-stitch line “My first christmas”, a nice version of the adorable teddy on a sleight and then personalised with the baby’s name to make it unique.

Check The Little Cherie Chistmas edition for a special gift!

technical specifics


  • Pine wood box
  • Cotton treads (OEKO-TEX)
  • Water based color
  • Plastic free


inside the box

  • Wooden toy box
  • Cherieswood Envelope with a dedicated message (customizable at checkout)

shipping info

We ship worldwide from Italy using several international shipping services including DHL, UPS and TNT. Your baby gym usually arrives in 5-6 days for international countries (US, EU and APAC). Send us a request with your order for express shipping. Go to our dedicated page for more details.